>>...or Skiing at 2-3' of untracked powder at Alta or skiing Cham, or
>>walking through the


>Doing is different than watching.

a most excellent point.  maybe marc and i should stage "the barber of seville," 
and then we might appreciate it.  

come to think of it, i don't mind that opera at all... in the hands of mel blanc 
channelling bugs bunny that is--yeah, that was tolerable.

but i don't like the most of the louvre.  don't like musicals.  don't like opera.  
don't like 80's pop.  don't like pretty much anything victorian (except maybe 
wilkie collins).  and i really, really don't like dark-stained clamshell molding--
argh, it inspires violent fantasies.  prolonged exposure to any of the 
aforementioned would drive me to curl up in a ball in the corner, rocking and 
mumbling to myself incoherently...


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