my 2 cents...

I used to enjoy going to see live music of all kinds. Now I find that when I go, 
I often find myself either falling asleep or thinking about skiing, kayaking or 
windsurfing and not really paying attention to the music...often wanting to go 
home before the show is over. I am just not moved by the live show like I 
used to be, but there are certainly times.

I still enjoy going to see bands that I really like that touch my soul and make 
me dance and sing...but there are fewer and fewer of these.

Lucky for me though, Rick Redington (Vt content...he's from Rutland and plays 
around VT, Kton (ski content) being his bread n butter) does that, and he's 
coming to play at my Halloween party tmrw. You are all welcome. Costumes 


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