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> Because i'm lazy...
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> the essential details:
> left campus around 230 after my midterm, hiked killington, skied a  
> little bit of the top of killington twice, hiked back down  
> killington. and it was amazing.

Just got back to my computer after taking a jaunt up there, and I'd  
generally agree with this statement.  It seems like early afternoon  
might be a better timeframe than earlier in the morning; of the 470'- 
ish of vertical, perhaps the first 1/3 was refrozen when I skied it.   
The bottom portion, however, was actually quite nice and generally  
fairly consistent (in the way that manmade snow tends to be when it's  
good--soft, easy to turn in, and not sticky).  It was almost good  
enough to tempt me into a second run, but I was also getting to be  
rather late for work.

Also of note: I saw naturally-occurring ice well below the snow line  
and some melting icicles at about 2840' on Racer's Edge.  Or at least  
that's what the altimeter I borrowed said--I didn't calibrate it  
before heading uphill, so everything is relative.  It claimed 3670'  
at the top of the North Ridge Triple, so feel free to adjust  
accordingly--I don't have the actual number at hand right now.

It took me about an hour to get from the K1 parking lot to the top of  
the North Ridge Triple, but I walked Great Northern (the work road /  
beginner trail) a good chunk of the way up before cutting across on  
Racer's Edge and then catching back up with Great Northern.

7 photos up at < 

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