>Hoo-th'-hell-givzashit?  Baseball is done for the year - it's OVER, MAN. 
A-Rod >will end up with a lotta' money somehow which he should spend on ski
lessons.  >It's 28 degrees here in Massachusetts and the Holy Season is
near.  So, do your >push-ups in preparation for the season and break out the
loppers to clip some >lines.

amen, brother renson.

>What are eveyone's plans for next season?  

you mean *this* season or next?  my answer's the same in either case: jfs.

>Is Jonathan gonna' get turns in for October?  

uh oh... there were flakes in htown yesterday afternoon.  my daughter (2.5
y-o) started cheering and said, "now we can get out our skis!... papa gonna
ski on the grass?"

btw, thanks for clearing out the rabbit holes...


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