ah what the heck--i'll try to engage with the technical stuff:

>1.  Skidded turns require low edge angles, but low edge angles make it
>more likely you'll catch an edge.  If you double the width, you double
>the height of the catchable edge off the surface for a given edge angle.


>2.  Skids initiate easier with dull (or absent) edges, and one edge of a
>junkboard has no steel.

irrelevant if you initiate turn on the inside edge, no?

>3.  Skidded turns are stabler & more forgiving with torsionally softer
>ski-like objects.  Junkboards win again.

ok.  makes sense... since the torsional rigidity is shot when you cut one in
half, eh?

>I can telemarks on XC skis on frost and have fun, and just about any
>soft beater of ski ski works in an inch of snow if you have any finesse
>at all.  It's not as if junkboards are the only game in town, but they
>may be the easiest ride in some conditions.

ok.  no doubt.  not claiming they're the only game, just that they're the
best on frost to two (and i claim this only, and maybe only, because i enjoy
dumb arguments like i enjoy dumb action flicks).

>I'd still take a STIFF beater of a ski over a junkboard after any ice
>storm though 

no doubt.  not claiming they're good on anything harder than oatmeal.  in
fact, my advice is this: never, never take them on anything stiffer than
beaten egg-whites.

(which was the conditions I had described in an earlier

again, sorry i missed it.  have a good ski on whatever you ski on.


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