I think there is a full moon or close to it. I totally
agree with all points.  Where ever he winds up he may
help that team make the playoffs but what about that
post season stigma.  Quite frankly I think the Red Sox
would be better off without him. I haven't seen the
hunger or drive or determination from A Rod that any
of the Sox exhibited in the playoffs.  Besides, he
will never be considered a "real" member of what ever
team he ends up with.  He may wind up just like Bonds
with all those records and personal achievements and
never get a ring.  He could be a great asset for
Colorado.  His decimal nada post season avg. would fit
right in. Right now I would trade Ortiz and Manny for
A Rod.  I don't think George or his boys would go for
the dreadlocks.  We also don't know for sure who the
next manager will be and how he would react to some of
Manny's shenanigans. Jimski

--- Tag <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Congrats to the Sox!
> This should give you a laugh TOS, the front and back
> of the NY Post today:
> It's all Yankees! Note the little flag on the back
> page upper right corner
> about the Sox win.
> As for AROD. I think he's making a big mistake. No
> matter what the contract
> is he would make far more money if he stayed in New
> York with all of the
> endorsements and opportunities that will arise
> especially as he starts to
> chase down some of the major records. This is one
> time I hope the Yankees
> don't come back but they prob will for the same
> reasons it makes sense for
> AROD to stay. As those records are chased the YES
> network will increase it's
> revenues. I'm sure Boras told him that the Yankees
> will come back of course
> Boras is also the same guy who sent him to the Texas
> backwater.
> I'd rather ahve Manny or Ortiz on my team. Those
> guys are scary.

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