I know how to do it but it takes a few days in advance if you want to  
keep me posted on when meetings will be beforehand I can try to  
reserve spaces.

when are you working on the the transport project with corinna cause I  
want to work on it with you.

see ya in class

Quoting Jacqueline Elizabeth Bell <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hi everyone,
>   We will be holding our meeting tomorrow, monday night, at 7:00 in
> Votey 205 (if that is booked, 209)  The professional chapter will be
> meeting before us and possibly attending our meeting to learn more
> about how they can help.
>   Brett will be breifing us on the history of the oven project and we
> will organize our next steps on working on the design aspect of the
> ovens.  As for now we are acting as mentors to Brett on his senior
> design project and this will become an EWB project when he is finished
> in December.
> Cheers,
> Jacquie
> PS if anyone knows how to or where we can reserve space and would like
> to take on this responsibilty I would greatly appreciate it.