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October 2007

Arizona State rocks an EWB-USA Halloween!

   EWB-USA Fall Workshops a Huge Success!

  University of Illinois, Chicago kicks off the season with the Great  
Lakes Workshop
The Great Lakes Workshop provided a fantastic opportunity to meet and  
network with EWB-USA members in the always exciting city of Chicago.  
The workshop opened with remarks from EWB-USA Executive Director,  
Cathy Leslie, who discussed the rapid growth of the organization and  
exciting plans for the future. Great Lakes Region Technical Advisory  
Committee (TAC) member Mike Paddock discussed Building Relationships,  
while Great Lakes TAC Chair George Jamison presented EWB-USA Health  
and Safety guidelines.Other presentations included Fundraising,  
Concrete Mixing, Water Purification, Meeting Facilitation and Working  
with Other Cultures. The attendees had an opportunity to network with  
local and national corporations as well as with members of EWB-USA  
staff. Of course with the business came a lot of fun! Saturday night  
at Giordano's Pizza provided an opportunity to relax and get to know  
other attendees socially. The Great Lakes Workshop committee did a  
fantastic job! ~Tammy Wergin

  East Coast Workshop at Rowan University
  The Rowan workshop was a great opportunity for students and  
professionals to learn how to effectively manage and implement their  
EWB-USA projects. ~ Meg VanSciver
   Rowan has posted some of the presentations given at the conference  
on our website. Go to and click on  
&ldquo;Resources&rdquo; link on the left hand side.  The photos sill  
be uploaded soon.
  For those speakers that would like to add their presentation to the  
list, email Prof. Everett at [log in to unmask]
  For those student groups looking for field equipment and supplies,  
there is a list of Hach supplies, with catalog numbers, in the Water  
and Wastewater Session area.

    An easy way to fundraise!
  Firstgiving helps people who want to make a difference. They believe  
that individuals are the driving force behind charitable giving. Their  
mission is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to raise more  
money than they would have thought possible for the causes they care  
about. Their ambition is to create the world's most user-friendly  
fundraising tools and to host a diverse and lively online community  
where donors, fundraisers and beneficiaries can support, learn from  
and communicate with each other in their own ambition to support their  
causes. For more info go to
  What they do:
  Firstgiving runs a website where individuals raise money online for  
any nonprofit organization in the US. Fundraisers set up an online  
fundraising page using a simple template and send it with a personal  
message to family and friends to ask for support for a walk, run or  
bike ride, growing an embarrassing mustache, or any other reason they  
can think of. Firstgiving fundraising pages help raise more money than  
traditional methods and make it easier for everybody.
  Several EWB-USA members have used this sight with great success!

  Community EWB-USA
  1811 Lefthand Circle, Suite A-1
  Longmont, CO 80503
Register Now for the 2008 EWB-USA Annual International Conference!
March 27-30, 2008 in Seattle, Washington Register online at More information coming soon in our  
Special Edition Conference Newsletter!

     October 31, 2007
  Dear Members and Friends,
  It has been a whirlwind month for me, traveling around the country  
to each of our four Regional Workshops, and the meeting and greeting  
and talking and listening that is entailed. As always, I experienced  
pure delight, with a little bit of awe thrown in, at the energy,  
creativity, and perseverance you all put into developing your chapters  
and projects. Many thanks to Rowan University, the University of  
Chicago-Illinois, Northern Arizona University, and Portland State for  
hosting us this year.
  A few reminders for our new chapters and the new boards coming in this fall:
  -         Please remember that chapters cannot open checking  
accounts! Student chapters have the option of maintaining an account  
through their university or through EWB-USA national. Keep in mind  
that professional chapters must keep their money exclusively through  
  -         Please remember to send your updated chapter contact  
information and membership lists to Tracy Beavers at [log in to unmask]
  Finally, I am very excited to announce our new affiliation agreement  
with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), approved by the  
ASCE Board at the end of October. This partnership establishes a  
relationship to provide assistance with engineering needs through the  
training and participation of civil engineers and engineering  
students, and brings both financial and in-kind support to EWB-USA. We  
look forward to establishing similar relationships with other  
professional engineering associations in the future.
  Thank you for continuing to donate your time and energy to our  
organization and the 200+ communities we serve.
  Cathy Leslie, P.E.
  Executive Director

   West Coast Workshop at Portland State University honors Regional Founder
  The second weekend in October was a perfect Portland weekend. The  
weather was cool but sunny and the trees were colorful. The West Coast  
Region Annual Workshop opened with a Keynote address from Congressman  
Earl Blumenauer. His insight into the global water crisis was the  
perfect kickoff to the workshop. During opening remarks, Cathy Leslie  
presented Dan Garbely with his long-overdue Founders Award.  
Congratulations Dan! Breakout sessions were a great path to in-depth  
information. The Health Assessment Training with Dr. Jay Kravitz,  
Public Health Officer of Washington County, OR provided a fascinating  
look into the profound impact we can all have in our partner  
communities. The session on Chapter Management Techniques, moderated  
by Kim Slack, President of the Portland Professionals, brought out  
great discussions of chapter sustainability and leadership issues. And  
then there was salsa! Vivamos!, the Saturday Night Dinner & Salsa  
Dance Party, was a great event for networking and letting loose. ~Gina  

   Workshops conclude in the Mountain Region at Nothern Arizona University
  Last but certainly not least was the Northern Arizona University  
workshop in Flagstaff, AZ. What a beautiful city, I felt like I was  
still in Colorado. Emphasis was placed on the social aspect of  
sustainable development using appropriate technology and sustainable  
development. As an EWB-USA staffer I learned a lot about human  
capacity and indigenous knowledge. The anthropology students and  
department play a big role in the NAU chapter. A special treat was  
speaker Anthony Akunzule, director of the Ghanaian People's Network  
and NGO for NAU's water sanitation project in Yua. I guarantee he flew  
the farthest. Arvind Phukan from Rotary International spoke about  
working with Rotarians for matching grants on your water projects so I  
encourage you all to contact your local Rotary Clubs. All in all it  
was an awesome and informative workshop. It was great to see old  
friends and meet the new faces of EWB-USA. Thank you NAU. ~Tracy Beavers

EWB-USA's national office decides to STAND UP and SPEAK OUT on October  
16th and 17th with millions worldwide in a call to take action against  
poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals.

The EWB-USA Chapter of the University of Vermont is holding a  
fundraising banquet on December 6th at 7:00 with Mr. William Wallace  
(past president of EWB-USA) as our keynote speaker.
Contact: Jacquie Bell at [log in to unmask]

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