Jacquie make sure you respond to Ron as soon as you can. Rotary's have been
known to donate the entire amount of money for a project! This is a really
good relationship and huge that he contacted you! Good Luck and keep me
posted on how things are going!


Tracy Beavers
Professional and Student Chapter Coordinator

Engineers Without Borders-USA
1811 Lefthand Circle, Suite A-1 
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone 303-772-2723 ext. 111
Fax 303-772-2699


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Subject: December Fund Raiser for EWB- UVChapter


Good Morning


A note of introduction and a commitment to your chapter to provide all the
tools Rotary International can provide to support your chapter for
water/sanitation projects.


The latest EWB Newsletter from Tracy had a notice of your fund raiser, I
know Don Wallace, and WaterPLUS /Rotary International is currently active
with EWB chapters.


Let me know if there is anyway I can provide service to your chapter.


your friend in service 


Ron Cowan, PDG '93-'94
Chair, WaterPLUS, Inc.
75 Apple Blossom Drive
West Lebanon, NH 03784
(603) 298 9957
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