I put this request through a while ago, and their volunteer system is  
based on a a raffle.  So I guess we were chosen to volunteer now.  Is  
there interest in doing it?  I have done this fundraiser before and it  
is pretty painless and makes a lot of money.

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Good Morning Jessica Stanley:

Engineers without Borders-UVM expressed an interest in volunteer  
opportunities at the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.  Well, good news!  We  
are looking for volunteers for this Holiday season to work with us in  
our fulfillment center.

We are looking for non-profit groups of 20 people to come work with us  
packing Bear and Pajamagram gifts.

A few restrictions apply.

      Each group member must be 16 years of age or older.

     Your group will need a Federal Non-Profit Tax ID

     I do not have any weekend openings, mostly weekday and evenings.

If you are interested, please contact Allen (802-985-1388,  
[log in to unmask]) or Bernie (802-985-1633, [log in to unmask] ).



Allen Baker

Training Manager

Vermont Teddy Bear Company


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