Hi all -

There is a demo of the LNV this afternoon in Brattleboro.  There will be
one more after today - next week in Concord.  Please contact me (contact
info below) if you have not done so already and plan to attend any of
the upcoming demo sessions.

Best wishes,



Demonstration of the Learning Network of Vermont (LNV)


The LNV is an IP-based videoconferencing network with 68 sites in
Vermont high schools and several other locations. The system includes
"head end" (133 State Street, Montpelier, VT) services such as a
100-port, Multi-point Control Unit (MCU or bridge), ECS Gatekeeper, and
iView Communications Manager (ICM) scheduling software running over a
100-megabit connection.


In an effort to support schools in getting off the ground with this
improved videoconferencing system, there are 4 LNV demonstrations
scheduled over the course of the next month.  The demonstrations will be
most beneficial to participants who can join us in person, but a portion
of the meeting will be accessible via the LNV (see below).


Demo schedule:

Thursday Nov 8 at Brattleboro High School 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Thursday Nov 15 at Concord High School 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Who should attend: Potential teacher users of the system and building
contacts for videoconferencing


RSVP: To help us with our planning please RSVP to 

[log in to unmask]

and indicate which of the demonstrations you will attend.  Attendees
will be provided with an incentive for using the LNV in the form of a
reimbursement towards participation in a fee-based videoconference


If you are not able to join us in person, but wish to learn more about
the system, you can do so via the LNV for the last hour of the meeting.
The first 30 minutes cover content that will disrupt connectivity of
remote participants.  If you would like to join the last portion of the
meeting, please contact Arlyn at the above email and she will provide
you with meeting information.


The demonstrations are intended to:

*	Introduce and demonstrate the capabilities and features of the
LNV to schools that have not yet connected to it, as well as current
users. We'll cover 

	*	making a point-to-point call within and outside the
	*	creating a meeting 
	*	modifying a meeting after it is created 
	*	using the address book to find other schools or site

*	Introduce and demonstrate some of the more advanced features of
the LNV, such as 

	*	creating recurring meetings, 
	*	creating ad-hoc (instant) meetings, 
	*	inviting participants from outside the LNV network, 
	*	taking control of meetings, 
	*	adding participants to a meeting in progress, 
	*	using PowerPoint presentations in a meeting 
	*	Using desktop videoconference software with the LNV 

*	Point out some of the possible uses of the LNV - some ways you
may not have considered, and some ways that may not have been
possible/allowed/easy in VILN 
*	Point to useful resources for videoconference classes &
programs, tech support, and successful classroom use 
*	Answer questions and take suggestions 
*	Inaugurate the community of LNV users 


Each demo will take 1-1/2 hours. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Arlyn Bruccoli or Bill Romond if you
have questions.