On Nov 7, 2007, at 2:19 PM, elliot potter wrote:

> i saw a coopers hawk chasing a kingfisher. i would like to know if  
> a coopers hawk would chase a kingfisher, or the kingfisher was just  
> spooked by it.

Definitely - chase AND EAT. In NJ one winter I discovered a juv.  
Coopers Hawk sitting in the ice with the Kingfisher in its talons.  
The Kingfisher, in turn, had the Cooper's  leg
in its beak and fighting for its life was sawing away with his  
serrated beak. The Cooper was, needless to say, quite bothered by  
this action and unable to subdue and dispatch it's intended prey for  
about 15 minutes. I thought the Kingfisher might actually escape, but  
the Coop finally prevailed and was plucking and munching as I finally  
left off watching the event.

Glenn Mahler
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P.S.  I am currently monitoring VTBird since I will be birding up in  
VT Nov 15-18 and am keeping posted on what "goodies" are around that  
I can chase for my VT list.