I will be birding in the northern VT are this weekend from Fri to Sun  
while my wife is attending a Rug Hooking class at the Shelburne  
Museum. I ill be trying to add some species to my VT list which is  
currently at 175 species.

I was thinking of possibly trying to get up to the Northeast Kingdom,  
perhaps at Moose Bog an/or Victory Bog with hopes of finding some of  
the "good" birds there such as Gray Jay, Spruce Grouse, Back-backed  
Woodpecker, and Red and White-winged Crossbills.

Is anyone reading VTBirds currently that resides in or has  
familiarity with that area that can make any suggestions that would  
be helpful in trying  to find a couple of those species? I have the  
"Birdwatchinging in Vermont" book by Ted Murin and Bryan Pfeiffer as  
a reference and for directions, but if anyone has any current info  
that they would be willing to share, it would be very much appreciated.

One question I have in particular - has it begun to get snowed in up  
there yet? Am I likely to run into difficult driving conditions  
getting to to those places?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

       Glenn Mahler
         Boonton, NJ