Here is a compilation of recent sightings I've had from the last week:

Friday October 26th
	Shelburn Bay
		1 Surf Scoter
		1 Bufflehead
	Dead Creek
		Nothing really (Geese way far out)
		American Pipits

General Weekend
	In PA, Winter irruption of finches, Red-breasted Nuthatches, juncos  
back in force, other stuff across the state

Monday October 29th
	Dead Creek
		Geese a lot closer, still a little far away though
		1 Harrier

Tuesday October 30th
	Colchester Causeway (Inspired by the report from Monday I thought it  
might be a good place for migrating sea ducks)
		Large Rafts of White-winged Scoters
		Large Rafts of Horned Grebes (1 was 50+ birds)
		4 Long-tailed Ducks
		50-60 Snow Buntings Flew Over
		1 Merlin
		1 Common Loon
		1 DC Cormorant
		Lots of Bonaparte's Gulls

Today, Friday November 2nd
	Shelburn Pond
		5 Ring-necked Ducks
		3 Sandhill Cranes
			-They were one field further South behind a hill so you could only  
really see them well going Northbound.
			I have crappy photos if people still don't believe they exist.
			Its hard to bird watch on that road going 45mph with nowhere to  
pull over well.
			Today they were across the road (East) and 50ft further southbound  
from the road sign for the private driveway,
			which is just North of Mountain Rd.

Thomas Ford-Hutchinson
UVM, Burlington