How often does New England:
  * have a hurricane-strength storm just offshore, and
  * have the stormiest evening be followed by developing high pressure 
the next morning, and
  * have this happen on a weekend?

Not very often! So with passage of Hurricane Noel's remnant this 
evening, birding tomorrow morning on the coast could be great, possibly 
including pelagic rarities. Cape Cod max wind gusts this evening are 
forecast to reach 75-85 MPH.

We're going to the coast tomorrow, and have room for a few other 
enthusiastic birders wishing to join us (where enthusiastic means 
non-stop and regardless of weather). Our destination will be the Plum 
Island area unless postings indicate another location is way better. We 
will depart from the interstate junction area (White River Junction)  
very early on Sunday (6-7am; easier due time change), and need to be 
back between 5 and 6pm.

If you'd like a ride, respond off-list to this message or call 
802-649-1829. We will be out between 4:30pm and 9pm today but will 
confirm any e-mails/calls.

See link below (halfway down page) for marine forecast discussion.
Doug & Spencer Hardy