David Ferry was unable to post this, so asked me to pass it along:

VT Birders,

I had the pleasure of spending 4 days in the Charlotte area visiting  
friends and birding the area.  Having corresponded with some of you  
via email and reading your posts I was looking forward to catching up  
with some of the northern irruptives coming into the area that are  
not as likely to make it to my neck of the woods in central  

On Thursday Nov 22nd, I found a small flock of 6 PINE GROSBEAKS and  
approx. 50 COMMON REDPOLLS near the intersection of Mt. Philo Rd. and  
Spear Rd.  The birds were not found together.  The Grosbeaks landed  
briefly in a tree behind my friends home and the redpolls came  
through an hour or so later to feed on some birch seeds.

On Saturday Nov. 24 I did a loop on Spear, Guinea, One Mile Rd. and  
Mt. Philo Rd.....I lucked into an amazing flock of 75 BOHEMIAN  
WAXWINGS about 1/4 mile up Guinea Rd. from Spear Rd.  The birds were  
perched in in a big tree on the left side of the road.  I was able to  
scope them for nearly 10 minutes before they flew off and I couldn't  
find a Cedar waxwing among them....athough I'm sure it's likely there  
were some.

Farther up the road was a large mixed flock of field birds that I  
could not ID as they were flying south along Guinea Rd....among them  
I could hear HORNED LARKS.

Off of One Mile Rd. I found a small flock of 10-15 COMMON REDPOLLS  
feeding on grass and weed seeds near the intersection of Mt. Philo Rd...

At two different locations I found light morph ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS  
working the fields along Mt. Philo Rd.  Both birds were north of the  
Charlotte elementary school towards Burlington.

Today (Sunday November 25th) I found 10 PINE GROSBEAKS just south of  
the Mt. Philo Inn feeding on ornamental cherries in the front yard of  
a home on the west side of the rd...possibly the same group of birds  
I found later in the day near the intersection with Spear Rd...among  
them were at least 3 brightly colored males...the first that I had  
good looks at...On my return to Pennsylvania today I found a light  
morph ROUGH LEGGED about 10 miles south of Charlotte and a dark Morph  
ROUGH LEGGED off of 22A in the Orwell area.

Other birds of interest were several BLUE BIRDS (I don't know how  
regular they are up there?) in the fields around Spear Rd...a single  
male cardinal, a few juncos, 2 pileated woodpeckers and a lone tree  
sparrow...amazingly I didn't see much else...Other than a few big  
flocks of starlings I'd have to say the most common birds were  
BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS and COMMON REDPOLLS....That's pretty amazing to  
me!  I did find one small flock of CEDAR WAXWINGS today as well.

Dave Ferry
dferry at

Williamsport PA