Bolton Valley, VT 18NOV2007


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Last Sunday was a rather clear day, and with all the new snow it seemed like a good opportunity to head up to Bolton for some turns with the boys.  Mom and Dad also wanted to take the opportunity to work on their Telemark turns in preparation for the season.  Jay Peak had received 20 inches of snow over the previous three days, and although Bolton wasn’t reporting their snow totals because the lifts weren’t running, I figured they had picked up a foot in the higher elevations like Stowe had.  We actually had a couple of inches of snow in the yard at that point that would have been fine for the boys to play around on, but I was hoping to find some skier-packed snow up at Bolton.  Ty can handle many depths and consistencies of powder at this point, but working with Dylan is easiest on packed snow.

We headed up in the afternoon once Dylan had finished his nap, and found a comfortable temperature in the 30s F.  There was clearly a lot more snow than we’d had on our trip the previous weekend, and there was a nice area of skier packed snow right above the lodge.  The were a couple of jumps and rails in the packed snow area, and a few kids playing around on their snowboards, but it looked like there was enough space for all of us to have fun.  There were a few other groups of skiers, hikers, and sledders out on the hill; I could see some of them on Beech Seal and some coming down from the Glades area.

We worked in the groomed area for a little while.  Ty tried out the jumps and enjoyed them, Dylan got several runs with assistance for the leash, and Mom and Dad got to work on their Telemark turns.  It started to feel a little crowded as a couple of kids began focusing on the jumps, and Dylan had indicated that he’d had enough skiing, so we decided it was time to move off the packed snow and over into the powder.  There had been some wind, but it looked like there were roughly 6 inches of unconsolidated snow in the base area.  We did a bunch of runs in the powder, Ty followed up with some playing in the snow, and then we called it a day.  Watching the late-day sunshine and clouds over near the Adirondacks was a nice added treat.


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