One of my hospitals will be taking cultures of all
patients when they check in and leave the hospital to
see if they are carrying MRSA. They have an
information sheet about MRSA and are trying to come up
with a letter to the patient about why they are doing
the culture, how it protects them and everyone else,
etc. Do any of you have letters like this they can
look at? They have one memo from Evanston Northwestern
Healthcare but would like to see how other hospitals
explain the procedure.

They are also looking to create a patient brochure
explaining the policy and procedures surrounding when
physical restraints are used, how it is a safety issue
and to address the concerns family members may have.
They have one from St. Elizabeth's, Utica, but would
like to see what others have done.

If you have anything to share, you can either e-mail
me a copy or fax it to 508 448-8159. Thanks.


 Angela Thor. Medical Circuit Librarian

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