Hello all,


A client wants the following article which I requested via ILL.  I
received a photocopy this morning and faxed it right over.  Apparently,
the photocopy is not clean enough and the client would prefer a PDF
copy.  Of course we don't have access to an electronic (or print)
version of this article and so I am turning to my fellow medical
librarians.  Is anyone willing to send a PDF copy or a scanned or faxed
copy of a PDF my way?  The article is:


Naunheim KS, Fiore AC, et al. 

The changing profile of the patient undergoing coronary artery bypass
surgery.  J Am Coll Cardiol 1988 Mar;11(3): 494-498


Your help would be very much appreciated!



Caitlin O'Connor, MLIS

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