At 12:12 PM 11/13/2007, WAW wrote:

>I don't  believe this fictitious lost revenue makes up for the real lost
>revenue of those complimentary pass-holders no longer spending money
>in the shops and eateries, not to mention the lost goodwill.

Well, to be fair, the margin on lift tickets is considerably bigger 
than the margins on food and shop gew-gaws.  And I would mistrust 
that POWDR was also more than a little concerned about the 
transferability of many of these passes; if I sold MINE to YOU I 
would end up with a season pass for a good long time, you'd get a 
nice chunk of change and Killington would get nothing.  There are 
also a considerable number of these passes that have effectively been 
'leased out' over the years by the people who own them, and that's 
revenue that Killington isn't getting.  The pool of lifetime 
passholders wasn't/isn't simply a group of people who use their own 
passes 90 days a year - there has been active trade in them.

All of which said - I doubt POWDR could have made a move that would 
have struck a more sour note with the locals on their arrival at the 
K. Were it me, I'd have at least waited a year or two and let people 
decide that on balance POWDR is an improvement over ASC.

And they might actually be.  But as far as the Killington locals are 
concerned, they've already got two strikes against them.

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