five paragraph essay, ricker mtn. 11/8

throughout the ages mankind
has made great advances, whether 
it is technology or science.  in this essay,
i will discuss the importance of these 

many technologies which are of great importanance, 
such as the pyramids of egypt which amounted
to an amazing technique similar to that 
of the greeks and statues, which brings up 

my next point, romans were also making products
such as olive oil and myths by looking at planets 
and also math, so that today we can measure
the distance of the oregon trail which either 

began or ended, depending on who you ask, 
on the american plains, so maybe the indians
did not think about these examples of technology
because they often did not wear shirts.  

in conclusion i will summarize my points 
about civilizations and making tools
which are often used for various things
like making stuff and other useful items.

disliterate and illoriented, stark mt. 11/9

mind over heel
kicked as if fired 
up and rocked out 
over another round
of grass revealed with 
every curve scored white.


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