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> Geoff: I was curious don't seasonal rentals run from 11/15 to 4/15? 
> How does not opening on Halloween impact that?

Nope.  At Killington, share house leases tend to start November 1 and 
run to at least the end of April.  The ones I signed back in the 80's and 
early 90's were a 6 month lease beginning Nov 1.  The first weekend of 
November is usually jammed with share house people hitting all the 
kickoff parties after skiing a few runs.  Before digital photos and mailed 
season passes, that Saturday morning was a zoo in the season pass 

> Wouldn't it make more sense that the lack of share house visitors
> might be more due to the cost of fuel and the uncertainty of the
> economy right now? 

I don't think so.  If you're driving up from metro-Boston, metro-
Hartford, or greater Albany, you can do a Killington weekend on a tank 
of gas.  The price of a tank of gas in a reasonably fuel-efficient car 
went up $10.  For a share house person, $10 is the first 30 minutes of 
their Access Road bar crawl.  Fuel prices, inflation adjusted, are at the 
same level they hit in the early 80's when Iran was hostages and the 
Ayatollah.  Incomes, inflation adjusted, have almost doubled since 
1980.  Unless your life is impacted by the real estate bubble, I don't 
see where gas prices and economic uncertainty are all that significant.  
The majority of share house people are pretty affluent.  If you're on a 
budget, you car pool, brown bag it, and stay out of the bars to control 
your costs.


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