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>Scott and I headed for the summit of the quad only breaking from the
>mad made for a brief stint when it started to get really icy. You
>would think that after 2 years I would know some of those trail names,
>but alas most of the trail names I know are subject to lore. We
>summited around 3pm. Scott tried to pull the I'm not in shape yet card
>so we just need to give him a little kick in the ssa to encourage him
>to get back up to par. I promised him reeb and a fresh cookie when we
>summitted and that really got him going. The views from the top were
>nice, washington was barely visible.

Well played on your part, Allen.  Haha.  I definitely was moving a little
slower than Allen's sprint up Lord, but he was a good sport and slowed down
for me.  I thought I only had time to go up to the triple but having reached
that faster than anticipated, Allen's promise of a home-made cookie at the
top made it a no brainer.  For me, its always that first 1,000ft that are
the toughest and after that I feel like I fall into a rhythm for the final
1,000ft.  We skinned up some natural snow on Centerline and up top ran into
a few others getting ready for the descent.  The snow wasn't anything to
write home about...but it was snow (important to me this time of year).  I
skied down in the gorilla/survival stance on my rock skis without
edges...the frozen stuff up top was interesting to say the least.

All in all, a great day to be on skis and it was great meeting up with
Allen.  Also, nice to meet Brian Waters.  No pictures as my camera froze up
on me just the other day...need to figure something out there as I was
feeling a bit dekan without my camera.


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