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>what say ye, skip, to that?

Only that you're better at poetry than prose.  :-D

Okay, I'll admit that my initial post might have been a little 
harsh.  But this topic DOES come up regularly, every two years or so 
here on skivittles and more often than that on other boards.  The 
results are always the same.  There are those who have a mistaken 
belief in their rights as members of 'the public' when it just ain't 
so, and it annoys me when people don't think things through logically.

if you believe you have a right to use something at will just because 
it's owned by the public, I've got an idea.  I've always thought it 
would be great to drag race police cars through town, lights and 
sirens blaring.  I'm in.  You pick the town and the time.  If by some 
chance I'm late, start without me. 

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