So after all this talk of ski area poaching/hiking policy we decided
to participate in some peaceful civil disobedience.

Good turns were had on nosedive and in the nosedive woods. There is
still some open water here and there but the hard pack granular base
(rain crust) was solid enough to keep you off the rocks. The powder on
top of it then helped soften the ride. We also skied the open trails
for a few runs. Sam and I managed to collide while I was in the
process of giving some young kids a wide birth. Wes also had a severe
pre-release issue with his bindings due to a completely wrong toe
height. The open stuff was hard and very icy with tons of skier
traffic. Ben was also testing out his new killer AT rig. He had
assembled a bunch of his dad's old AT gear including 2 buckle boots,
narrow volkls, and some killer silverettas (the ones with the toe
bail, and no brakes.

We then took a hike to the gondi side. Ben wasted Sam and I on the
uphill with his light rig, Sam and I were on big volkls with NX21's
and alpine boots, not exactly the rondo racing rig. We got up there
and decided that it was time to scope the waterfall. We got down there
and it was looking fairly good for some of the side hits. Ben opted
not to huck on his ultra burly rig and hit went around hitting a small
cliff in the woods. He was going to take photos but sam forgot to give
him the camera battery. I got the battery and went for the skiers
right hit. There was a sketchy approach of rain crust mixed with blue
ice. I made it down to the pillow just above the takeoff with as I had
hoped then jumped what was a 10-15 footer. The landing was great. Then
Sam and Wes hit the skiers left dogleg which was in the 20-25 foot
range. There was a wind drift right in the landing which made it

Wes got points for hucking on scarpa lasers but his jump was doomed
from the takeoff. He took off wrong and got off axis, some awesome
gaper flailing was involved but in the end he landed, lost a ski, and
did a forward roll coming to a stop upside down with his head and
upper body stuck in the snow and his feet in the air. It was one of
the funner Wrecks I have ever seen. Sam then proceeded to stomp the
s*it out of it.

Picture of the day:

Sam stomping:

Some random skinner took pics of me and said he would put them on
flickr, so I will hopefully have some pictures too soon.

It was a sweet but short day.

here are all the pics

It feels good to be hucking again. Stowe is in great shape right now,
and its not even December yet.


As lonely as the mountain can be, lonelier still is the man whose
travels take him away from the mountains.

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