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> I don't know about miraculously so, but wouldn't a loaded sled (200+ 
> lbs?) with the lead guy in a power wedge and a tail gunner on the 
> rope side slipping on sketch cover be more dangerous than skiing it? 

Of course it is. 

> Never having been a patroller and only seeing the operation I can 
> only guess, but it sorta seems so and I can see the patroller's 
> point; 

I am a patroller.  And I agree with the patroller's point.

Look - I've made comments about the risk to me as a rescuer right here on this list.  I believe it's real.  But, I don't think it is a central point to any discussion about skiing off piste, closed trails, etc.  If someone wants to engage me in a discussion, I might bring it up, but, it generally has no place when educating a customer about skiing closed trails.  IMO.

>the rant, egotism, and inherent power trip are another thing 
> entirely (and totally uncalled for). 

Of course.  Once you start with the 'tude, you are simply wasting your breath and everyone's time.  That goes both ways, which I think is somewhat related to Skip's point about being a "brat" (or however it was that he said it).

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