Skip wrote:
> At 03:26 PM 11/26/2007, you wrote:
> >Skip, keep in mind that in Europe very affordable rescue insurance is
> >also offered.  But then again, Europe's system is so different that
> >comparisons are often dangerous.
> Quite correct.  And if rescue services were not offered in this 
> country included in the lift ticket, you can bet that a comparable 
> market would emerge here.

Hahahaha.  Can you really have such blind faith in Adams Smith's
invisible (and benevolent) hand that you've forgotten about all those
lawyers you occasionally rant against?  In such a situation, there might
be rescue insurance offered, but you can be sure that it wouldn't be
very affordable. (Unless it came with a massive indemnifying waiver,
perhaps: "Being hauled down a wild mountain in a litter is an inherently
dangerous activity. Marginal snow conditions and steep terrain can make
collisions with trees or rides off cliffs possible and such occurrences
are considered out of the control of rescue personnel.  If you die
during rescue, it's not our fault.  You were as good as dead without us

On second thought, maybe putting all that in print would make for a good

- Patrick

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