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>What's your general impression of Belleayre? Would it be worth a 2.75
>hr drive (one way) for a day trip compared to a 1 hr drive to Shawnee
>Mountain in the Poconos?

This is a tough question to answer. The Poconos are one area of the country
where I have never skied. Belleayre is a state run area. It's definitely a
bit of a time warp with old day lodges and old lifts. They did install a new
high speed quad last year. Basically the ski area is a big ridge with the
runs dropping down in 2 sections. The first drop is steeper and some of the
trails have decent pitch. The second pitch is gentler. There is off loading
at a mid station for those not ready to go to the top. All of these trails
lead down to the main base lodge which is sort of half way down. From this
lodge down there is very gentle and ample beginner terrain that leads to a
lower lodge where most of the kids programs start from. At the top of the
ridge to extreme Skiers right there is an area that they leave ungroomed off
of which there are some decent tree shots and fun areas to poke around in.

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