Matt wrote:
> The biggest travesty is the inequity between the response towards Jay
> Peak's previous infringement on the conservation easement and these
> two idiot local's infraction.  I would argue that Jay Peak's cutting
> of the herd path will have a far greater long-term impact than the
> cutting of Jailhouse Chute.

If for no other reason than that without the herdpath, nobody inclined
to cut a broad swath down a mountainside would ever get out to Big Jay.
There's little question that Jay bears some of the responsibility, if
not the guilt, for the recent defacing of BJ.  It leaves a sour taste in
my mouth, as I've had BJ on my to-do list for the last two winters and
now somebody has gone and trashed some of the best skiing out there.
The entire thing has me soured on Jay Peak, too.  This Jailhouse Chute
(nicely named TEO - I think it will stick) is the backcountry equivalent
of the overtrimmed glades at Jay.  It's as if Stenger's vision for his
ski area was a virus that deformed his clientel's understanding of what
woods skiing is.  

- Patrick

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