Given that people have already commented that going over the App-Gap
might put you in better option for meeting your client on the West

What about going to the Culinary in Essex?  Personally, I've never
been there, but I've heard its good.

Or, here's another idea.

On Tuesday night, they have a thing where the kids get pizza, ice
cream and movies.  Its something like $20 or free if you have the full

On Tuesday night, they have a Snowshoe Adventure Package.  You load
the Sterling lift at 4:30, go to the top, snowshoe to Elephant's Head,
come back and have a very nice dinner in the "lodge" at the top and
then snowshoe down.

Its no coincidence that they are on the same night.  Parents that are
in the SAP get to drop their kids off early.

So meet your client there.  You can snowshoe through the Notch and cut
the drive time :-)

If you're going to do that, you might need to reserve very very early.
 If interested, BC me for more info.  We did it, and had a really good

As to things to do in the week, they won't be bored.  You can point
them here ""
but that's actually an abreviated version.  The kids will love
Goodtime Charlie, all the family dance parties, karaoke, etc.  I've
even heard the Bingo is fun, but I wouldn't be caught dead going to
Bingo during ski season.  I also agree on the 158 Main suggestion.

Do you know what building they are staying in?  The range at Smugglers
is quite large.  Of course, at that time period, bitching to move to a
better place will be useless; but maybe if we can head them off early.

Oh, and you also have to pay Bloom to give him a tour.  I looked at
the webpage... with that business segment, you must be
able to afford him :-)


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