While you're at it, ask about helmets.

I'm an instructor and had a student go into a tree three years ago and receive a serious skull fracture.

I have no idea why the ski industry seems so resistant on requiring helmets. I've heard the argument that helmets are ineffective at crashes over 15 mph, and that the lead to warrior syndrome, but then why are helmets required for all racing events, not to mention NASCAR?

On Nov 29, 2007, at 8:51 PM, This Year Moguls wrote:

So what you "...can't help but believe..." is likely not supported by
actuarial data.

So where is the actuarial data that you and Skip cite? 

The only thing I can find is a study purportedly performed by the Colorado Tramway  Board (see post by Admin at which matches the text in the Skiing article almost word for word).  I've written to them and asked for their statistics.  I've also asked for statistics on the % of installed uphill capacity with and without restraining bars.  I'll post their answer (if I get one).  As for the insurance industry ... there's a lot I don't know.  For example, do they charge more to cover lifts with or without restraining bars (per unit uphill capacity)?   If you know the answers, I'd like to hear them.

If we're going to have flame out over credibility of sources let's see your cards.  I'll eat my humble pie if it turns out I'm wrong.

And for what its worth, I certainly can't match your ski days and vast industry experience "west of the Mississippi", but I've been to at least ten such resorts and lifts with restraining bars accounted for the vast majority of uphill capacity at all of them (yes I know that's a small sample).   I did note a recent blog entry at Telluride that they are at least considering adding restraining bars to their famed #9 lift ( )

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