Hey Talan,

Thanks for the email.  I distributed responsibilities among club  
members to run the club.  I'm sure there will be someone that will  
need help doing something if you want to help next semester.  Will you  
be training?  I will be sending out an email with a summary of what we  
covered.  It was good to see  you last night, I hadn't seen you in a  
while.  Sorry I had to leave, I wanted to train with you but I had a  
migraine and it wasn't getting better.  I'll see you later and stay in  


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> Hello Danielle,
>    I wont be able to make it.  I have my voice jury.  Sorry.  Is there
> anything i should know?
> -Talan
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I am sorry about my complete forgetfulness of sending an email last
>> week to tell you where the meeting will be this week.  We will have an
>> end of year meeting/bash TOMORROW (Wednesday) at 4pm on the first floor
>> of the Davis Center.  I will be in the lounge area to the right of the
>> bottom floor entrance.  I hope to see many of you there.  I know it is
>> a busy time of year but there are a couple things we need to cover
>> before we all go our separate ways for a month.  :)  Good luck (bring
>> something party-ish if you so desire: food, games, etc.)
>> Danielle