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It's not too early to get the word out about what you are planning for 
the 2009 Celebrate Champlain Quadricentennial!  _Applications are now 
being accepted_ for events, exhibits, and projects that explore one or 
more of these themes set by the Vermont Lake Champlain Quadricentennial 

    * The long and rich cultural heritage of Lake Champlain and the
      Champlain Basin of Vermont.
    * The natural history of Lake Champlain and the Champlain Basin of
    * Environmental and other challenges currently confronting Lake
    * Samuel de Champlain's 1609 exploration of our lake basin.
    * Particular focus on one or more of the following: Franco-American,
      French-Canadian and Native American history and culture in the
      region; and groups of people contributing to the contemporary
      cultural history of the Lake Champlain basin.

Although applications will be considered throughout 2008, all are 
encouraged to submit applications for Event Selection and Designation by 
_February 15, 2008_ in order to be included in promotional materials 
accompanying Vermont delegations to France (May 2008, commemorating when 
Samuel de Champlain departed France for North America) and Quebec (July 
2008, when he arrived in Quebec City.)


While the year-long celebration will feature several unique, 
once-in-a-lifetime events, existing annual events are encouraged to take 
on a Quadricentennial flavor and be included in this rare opportunity to 
attract broad attention.  "We want the Quadricentennial to call 
attention to the variety and richness of this region," says 
Quadricentennial Commission /Commemoration and Events Committee/ chair 
Marilyn Cormier.  "Think of 2009 like a necklace of gems.  The large 
beautiful stones -- or signature events -- will be supported by the 
equal brilliance of many adjoining stones.  Like the necklace, all of 
Vermont will shine."


To learn more and to submit your application, go to .


If you are not an event or project planner yourself, please feel free to 
pass this email along to your favorite cultural group or anyone who 
might be interested.


All successful event applicants will be given _license to use the 
Celebrate Champlain logo_ for promoting their Quad activities.  We are 
also taking applications from businesses and non-profits who wish to use 
the logo for promotion, and applications for logo-use in developing 
_Quadricentennial products_ and commercial services.  Information about 
these are available at 
<> .


Thanks very much, and feel free to contact me about Quadricentennial.



Catherine Brooks

Cultural Heritage Tourism Coordinator

Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing

1 National Life Drive

Montpelier, VT 05620-0501

[log in to unmask]  (802)828-3683


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