Dear Club,

I think one or two of us undergraduates should think about applying  
for a URECA grant.  URECA stands for Undergraduate Research Endeavors  
Competitive Award (my guess is the acronym came first, and then the  
title it abbreviates).  I think the oven project would be very  

The award funds the project up to $3,000 and an additional $1000 prize  
goes to the author.  It is actually not that hard to win (I received  
one when I was a senior).  One or two people from the club could write  
the proposal, and I would be very happy to help.

Seriously, think about this.  It is a fairly large amount of money,  
requires a relatively small amount of work to get, and it looks very  
good on your resume.

Just a suggestion, see you guys Wednesday morning.