Amen from me on the fundraising. Excellent. Be proud.
The banquet was a very slick and heartening event.

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> That's great news, folks!  Since I missed it, who won the raffle?
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> From: Engineers Without Borders on behalf of Nathan Bonneau Dagesse
> Sent: Mon 12/10/2007 7:42 PM
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> Subject: fall fundraising numbers
> Hi Everyone, I am excited to announce that our fall fundraising plan
> was a success.  We have reached $1300 in net gains from the Banquet,
> the Raffle and private donations.
> I would also like to informally announce that we should all meet at
> Votey at 8:00 sharp on wednesday to head to the factory and disperse
> rides.  I will be able to take two also.  If you cannot meet at Votey,
> let me know and you can meet us at the factory at 8:30. it looks like
> we only have 12-15 definites so we still need a few more.
> Thanks,
> Nate Dagesse