Dear colleagues,

The next General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU 
2008) will take place from April 13 until 18, 2008 in Vienna, Austria.

Here we would like to draw your attention to, and invite 
contributions for, the session

IG2: New Frontiers in Stable Isotope Instrumentation and Analytical 
Methods (co-sponsored by EAG)

Convener:	 	Pack, A.
Co-Conveners:	Halas, S.; Kerstel, E.; De Groot, P.; Revesz, K.

Session information:

Major scientific breakthroughs are often accompanied by advancements 
in instrumental techniques. The scope of this session is to bring 
together people that explore the frontier of their techniques. We 
will concentrate on new and advanced techniques for the measurement 
of light stable isotopes that are or will be applied in the broad 
field of geosciences.
In particular, we like to invite contributions related to the 
development and application of optical (laser based) techniques to 
measure isotope ratios in molecules of environmental importance.

The deadline for abstract submission is JANUARY 14, 2008.

Further details about the conference, submission of abstracts and 
deadlines can be found

We apologize if you should receive this message more than once and 
are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna in April 2008.

Kind regards,

For the session conveners, Erik Kerstel

Erik Kerstel
University of Groningen, Physics (CIO), The Netherlands
Office: +31-50-363 4759, Laboratory: 4754, Fax: 4738

2nd Stable Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometry Workshop
7-8 September 2007, Florence, Italy