What kind of autosampler do you have exactly?  I'm running an old A200S 
(I realize the subject line said "Pal" but this might be applicable 
anyway) and we had to edit an Isodat file to make it work (something 
that re-installing could cause a problem with).  This issue we had is 
that Isodat was looking for backward communication from the autosampler 
to the computer via a cord that our autosampler didn't even have a PLUG 
for.  Every time we tried to run a method it would say "Waiting for 
autosampler..." and then time out.  What we did was go into the 
"ContinuousFlow_lib" file and change "TRUE" to "FALSE" on line 147. 
What this did was trick Isodat - if it receives NO signal from the 
autosampler, which it can't because we don't have that plug, it takes it 
as meaning that everything is ok and it's ready to go.

I have no idea if this will help you since I don't know your setup, but 
if you DID just reinstall its possible you have to re-do some earlier 
creative script editing.

-Matthew Wolhowe

Stan Klonowski wrote:
> I first have to thank everyone who helped me out last week. It was the 
> service pack messing with the H3+ correction.
> Now it seems no matter what I cannot get the autosampler to start.  So 
> far I have: made sure it works manually, tried the ac...isl vs. acq...- 
> old.isl scripts, checked all the settings, checked all old methods, read 
> the archives. I am stumped. It has to be something simple that makes it 
> trigger. 
> Set up is as follows: Mat253, TC/EA with a conflo and Isodat2.0 with sp2.6.
> Thanks for any help.
> Stan