2008 Stable Isotope Ecology

Lecture and Laboratory Short Courses

(Biology 7473 and 7475)

University of Utah

June 9-20, 2008

These will be multi-instructor lecture (Biology 7473, morning) and  
laboratory (Biology 7475, afternoon) short courses offered to  
graduate students and postdoctoral investigators interested in  
learning more about the application of stable isotopes at natural  
abundance levels for environmental and ecological studies. The  
courses will:

be offered June 9-20, 2008 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City
be limited to 24 graduate student and postdoctoral participants in  
order to maximize laboratory and instrument access
be limited to 10 faculty for the lecture, discussions, and social  
event portions only of the course (will contain limited lab exposure)
consist of a morning lecture-discussion course and an afternoon  
laboratory course; there will be 10+ course instructors, experts  
selected from across the country for their breadth and for their  
interest in teaching and interacting with students
include a hands-on laboratory experience each day, including full  
access and use of five isotope ratio mass spectrometers equipped with  
elemental analyzers as well as continuous flow capacities, pre-con,  
laser; elemental analyzer capacities, and vacuum preparation lines  
for organic and inorganic compounds of biological interest
several of the evenings will be set aside for discussions of current  
research interests and also there will be opportunities for social  
events in the nearby Wasatch Mountains

Applications are due no later than February 22, 2008. You will be  
notified by February 29, 2008 regarding your acceptance into the  
course and how to begin planning for lodging arrangements, tuition  
payments, reading materials, etc. FYI - Tuition costs are $1,850 and  
dormitory costs are an additional $375.

For more information about the course, please contact Jim Ehleringer  
at [log in to unmask]

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