Hi Andrew,

we made good experiences with a Hekatech Gc-Column
Order-Nr. HE 26070500. Although it is only 60cm in
length but provides a significant better peak
seperation compared to our old 3 m chrompack column.


--- Andrew Campbell <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:

> I noticed a question on Isogechem a few years back
> requesting an 
> north American supplier for the TC/EA thermocouple
> MAT number 
> 1121470.  I'm referring to the thermocouple on the
> main furnace at hi 
> temperature.  Mine burned out two weeks ago and my
> spare burned out 
> yesterday.  Finnigan says they are back ordered for
> 6 weeks.
> Has anyone discovered another place to buy them??
> I am also curious about the life span of the GC
> column in the 
> TC/EA.  I was having problems with background when
> running CO.  I was 
> able to bring down the background on 28 and 29 by
> backing out at 300 
> C but mass 30 stayed fairly high.  My TC/EA is 4
> year old.  Is there 
> any reason to change the GC column.  I also
> understand that the 
> Chrompack column is no longer available.  has anyone
> tried a substitute?
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