For the last two months I was running TC-EA, and yesterday I switched to the dual inlet system to run Kiel carbonate device. While doing a test run the following error message appeared and problem started:
  1. Isodat started the sequence fine, while trying to start reference refill the sequence terminated with the following error message Pressure Threshold 0.0500mBar not reached:1.5852 mBar ; I am not sure if the 5 liter Thermo tank is out of gas or another problem. The reading on the dual inlet screed above the standard bellow is zero. Box and Trap reading which was 0.8 and 0.7 mBar before the problem is 0.6 and 0.9 mBar.
  2. When I came in the morning; emission light on the mass spec is yellow and both Box and Trap readings on the computer are 0.0 mBar. It seems the filament is not emitting electrons. Vacuum readings are fine.
Could it be possible the filament is burned or other source problems. We have Delta V Plus. Any suggestions or comments

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