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For next year's European Geosciences Union Meeting in Vienna, Austria (13­18 April 2008) we proposed the following session on "Terrestrial biogeochemical cycles (and global change)". Call-for-papers will be open until 14. January 2008. With this session we would like to provide a forum for those working on the role of soils in terrestrial systems including past, present and future biogeochemical cycles using modern methods.


The session is listed under Biogeosciences, number BG2.4 (see links below).


If you require further information, please contact me directly or the other convenors (info below).


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Terrestrial biogeochemical cycles (and global change)



Michael W. I. Schmidt ([log in to unmask])

Ingrid Kögel-Knabner ([log in to unmask])

Evelyn Krull ([log in to unmask])


Research of terrestrial biogeochemical cycles aims to develop an understanding of the earth system with its ecological implications.

Processes on landscape, ecosystem and global levels are closely interrelated and mutually influence each other. This symposium focuses on the role of

soil in terrestrial systems, especially on

- biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial systems, including soil, vegetation and atmosphere

- how ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles interact with changes in climate, land use and diversity,

- paleoclimatological and paleoecological methods, to draw conclusions about the adaptability of organisms in the past and future

- the application of a whole spectrum of techniques, including, inorganic-chemical, biochemical, microscopic and mineralogical analysis, and the use of isotopes.