Hi Scott,
I ordered two from Finnigan a couple of years ago.  The ones that I got are made by Siemens.  Siemens part number 3RG4600-1AB00 (probably zeros but could be letter o's).  You might be able to get them from Siemens faster and much cheaper than from Thermo.
Try finding them through a Siemens distributor.  If you can not find them easily or if they have a long lead time let me know as I have one that I could lend you.  Jason

On Dec 3, 2007, at 11:18 AM, Lepley, Scott William (UMC-Student) wrote:

Hello all:

I am running a Delta Plus hooked up to a Kiel Carb III.  I am in need of part # 1069490 (approximate switch inductive) for the Kiel acid valve system and Thermo said I cannot get one from them until January at the earliest.

If anyone has a spare and is willing to part with it, I am more than willing to pay the Thermo price + overnight shipping for it.  Please contact me offline if this is possible or if anyone has another way to get at this part.  Thanks!

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