So I'm guessing some of you don't check your e-mail...But for those  
who do, here's a second reminder about game day.  Setup is at 9am,  
event starts at 11am and runs til 7 or 8 pm.

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Hey Heidi, Rich did tell me that Japanese house was interested in  
gaming day, and that's awesome. The basic info goes as follows: we  
want to hold it on Sat., Dec. 1st, setup will be at 9am and we will  
most likely start it at 11am, and we have the room until 8pm with a  
little leeway, so we are staying it ends at 7 and we'll take  
everything out of the rooms by then. We have the FPL, 216, and 302 &  
305 upstairs reserved for the event. We asked about getting additional  
projectors and screens and all the necessary AV equipment from L/L and  
UVM supplies, and Joe is looking into that for us. We also are asking  
for tables to be delivered for the purposes of the event. It's a free  
admission thing, all systems and TVs belong to program members who  
donated it, we intend to run as many multi-person games as we can  
based on games, systems, memory cards, and controllers. We are  
planning a Halo tournament (probably Halo 2 due to the very few 360s  
people are offering), a SSBM tournament, and possibly a DDR  
tournament. We are considering getting donations for food/drinks and  
prizes for the tournament winners, but that is still in the works. We  
are putting somewhat heavy security on the event requiring  
registration and restricting traffic a bit through the rooms, but  
that's all technicalities. We basically need more TVs and more systems  
and controllers. Right now we have 13 TVs offered and a slew of  
systems. Offer whatever you can, the SciFi and Anime program members  
are also going to be staffing the event, watching the systems and  
doing registration, and any other volunteer help would be awesome, if  
your program would like to. Setup and takedown especially are going to  
need more people. Let us know if any of the program wants to  
volunteer, because we are considering getting tshirts to further  
encourage adherence to proper conduct outlines. Anything else you want  
to know, just email me or IM me.



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