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There is an artice about this in the December VLCT News, page 4 and 5.  Check it out
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For all you treasurers that did not received this:  Here is the email that was sent to Town Clerks re: HR 3056.  And after taking a deep breath and counting to 10 LOL I have reread it and notice that this is a FEDERAL tax not a state tax.  So I guess we will work as additional Federal tax collectors as well as State Tax Collectors.
Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT

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Subject: H.R. 3056, the Tax Collection Responsibility Act of 2007, by a vote of 232-173.








October 22, 2007




Dear Ms. Nunn,


I am writing to let you know that on October 10th the House of Representatives passed H.R. 3056, the Tax Collection Responsibility Act of 2007, by a vote of 232-173.


This legislation postpones until December 31, 2011 the application of a 3 percent withholding requirement on the payments of goods and services made by federal, state and local governments to vendors, contractors, and other service providers. (The 3 percent withholding requirement was scheduled to take effect in 2010.)


The bill also requires the Secretary of the Treasury to undertake a study and report findings back to Congress on issues associated with this withholding requirement. The study will include the burdens imposed on small businesses as well as the administrative burdens associated with the application of the tax withholding to small expenditures for goods and services by federal, state, and local governments.


I strongly supported passage of this bill because of the administrative burden a withholding requirement would place on local governments, especially in making simple small purchases, such as a ream of paper or a hammer.  While H.R. 3056 would require a one-year delay in withholding, I have also cosponsored H.R. 1023, which would repeal of the requirement altogether.

I intend to work closely with Senators Leahy and Sanders to ensure that this bill is passed by the Senate and signed by the President. And be assured that I will continue to be an advocate in Congress for sensible partnerships between the federal, state and local governments.


Please contact me or my staff (Mary Sprayregen in our Vermont office at 802-652-2450 or Carol Hetfield in our Washington office at 202-225-4115) if you would like further information on this or other issues affecting Vermont's cities, towns and villages. Also, please feel free to share this news with interested colleagues.






Member of Congress


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