Marlboro will not be participating in the LUCA program.  Nora Wilson, Town 
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> LUCA is for the good of the entire town, and the role of the person who 
> takes
> the lead for LUCA really depends on what's best for the town.  So far I've
> seen a diversity of Clerks, Listers, ZAs, Planners, Admins, E-911 Coords 
> and
> more identified as the LUCA liaisons for their town.
> Whomever YOUR town may designate as the LUCA liaison, I would hope that
> you consider participating.  The deadline to send your registration 
> materials
> back to the Census Bureau is December 31st.  If you need to have the
> registration materials re-sent to you, please let me know.
> More information is available at
> LUCA is a unfunded federal request of local governments on behalf of the
> Census Bureau.  It's a bureaucracy asking a big favor of our towns, in 
> other
> words.  But it's also an important opportunity.
> Participating in LUCA is the most proactive contribution that a local
> government can make to the completeness and accuracy of your Census
> data.  Towns who feel they have been undercounted by the Census in the
> past should take note!
> The Vermont State Data Center and Vermont Center for Geographic
> Information are planning to provide assistance and a "starter file" to 
> towns to
> make participating in LUCA much easier.  I urge you to learn more by going 
> to
> Also PLEASE remember:
> The deadline for a town to register for LUCA is December 31, 2007.
> If you have lost or never received the full LUCA registration form for 
> your town
> from the Census Bureau, please contact me immediately!
> Thank you,
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>>In regards to the LUCA census topic is this for Town Clerks or Listers?