You will want to decide what purpose you want your website to serve too.  Do you just want to put up notices and town information?  Or do you want to have a database accessible to the general public so they can research parcel information online?  There is a big difference in price between the two.  We have chosen to have our grand list information with pictures available online for our landowners and also researchers looking for comparables for tax appeals, etc.... 

We contracted with KeVa Co. last month and are extremely happy with the service and product.  We are still working on the site, but we are getting there.  We have a video on there of a WCAX broadcast story they did on our little tax protest up here in October.  The link for the general public to research the grand list information is not quite ready for everyone yet so it's not posted, but it will be any day now.  If you email me privately I will send you the link.

You can find our website here:

Our board decided they did not want to do any advertising on the site so they aren't beholdin' to anybody and they footed the bill themselves.    In the end this will save me time since I'm the only one here, and it will save people a lot of fuel because they won't have to come to the office to get the information they are seeking.  The set up fee wasn't cheap, but they do it all and are very responsive to requests and a pleasure to work with.  I can't recommend them enough.

Jennifer Hanlon

UTG Town Supervisor

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Charleston has a free website by KeVa Co.  It is sponsored by ads from local businesses.  I send the information on to them, and they put it on.  I have full control of the calendar page.  They are very efficient and get whatever I send them on promptly.


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I want to create a website for Ripton and have been collecting Muninet emails related to website creation over the past year. I am interested in doing it myself (believe I have the skills and I need th extra income). I'm mostly interested in the cost and time involved as I am preparing a proposal for the Selectboard. I would appreciate anything anyone can offer. My questions:


How much does your town budget for website creation/maintenance? Is yours done in-house or out?


If in-house, who is doing it and how are they compensated? Meaning, if you the clerk are doing it, was your pay increased as Town Clerk, or was a budget line created for website creation and maintenance, or what?


If in-house, what lead to the decision to do it in-house? - cost comparison, availability of someone with the skills, more control over the design, easier to maintain, other?


If in-house, about how many hours a week (month, year, however you count it) is required for maintenance of the site?


Thanks so much!  -Sally