Hi Nancy,
Sorry I am so late with this but time flies when you are having fun LOL
I have made it policy in my office to ONLY send tax bills to the property owners.  It is their responsibility to get a copy to their mortgage company.  Especially this year with all the public info/confidential education tax pmts I am so glad I have this policy.  I do give the tax owed amts to the mortgage companies if they send a request in the mail or call the office.
Roberta Dana
Town Treasurer & Tax Collector
Groton, VT
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Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 12:41 PM
Subject: tax bills & mortgage companies

Hi Clerks and Treasurers, I would like your input on the following:
Here is Stamford, I, for 13 years and my predecessor have been sending copies of tax bills to our two local banks,  the homeowner gets the original.
In the past few years I have been getting request from various tax services to send them a copy of homeowners tax bills, which I have done.  I do not have the homeowners permission to do this.
Now it seems like I'm getting request by other homeowners to send a copy of their tax bill to their mortgage company, not the above bank or the tax service.
I think this may have to stop.  First because of my time and cost involved; secondly because of the liability of sending to the incorrect address, bank, etc; and third I should treat everyone the same by sending copies to ALL mortgage holders or  NONE. 
What do you do?  Do you have an office policy,  if so would you send me a copy?   Thanks,  Nancy