West Windsor has a GovOffice website, which is very user-friendly. I am responsible for adding content and so far I have only had time to put agendas and minutes on it. I don’t get paid any extra but I also don’t have anyone pressuring me to put more info on or to do it at a faster pace. They know I’m squeezing it in as time allows. There was an initial start-up cost of $500 (I think) and a monthly cost of $30. It is very user-friendly. If you have basic computer skills, you can do it.


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I want to create a website for Ripton and have been collecting Muninet emails related to website creation over the past year. I am interested in doing it myself (believe I have the skills and I need th extra income). I'm mostly interested in the cost and time involved as I am preparing a proposal for the Selectboard. I would appreciate anything anyone can offer. My questions:


How much does your town budget for website creation/maintenance? Is yours done in-house or out?


If in-house, who is doing it and how are they compensated? Meaning, if you the clerk are doing it, was your pay increased as Town Clerk, or was a budget line created for website creation and maintenance, or what?


If in-house, what lead to the decision to do it in-house? - cost comparison, availability of someone with the skills, more control over the design, easier to maintain, other?


If in-house, about how many hours a week (month, year, however you count it) is required for maintenance of the site?


Thanks so much!  -Sally