Perhaps the large number of Barred Owls is part of the irruption of northern birds caused by this summer's poor seed/cone crop and rodent population crash in Canada (listen to Bridget's intverview with Scott Weidensaul in October 31st's BEEKS for more info!). Northern Saw-Whet Owl numbers were through the roof this year for the same reason. We caught 379 here outside of Poughkeepsie, NY, compared to 57 last year.
While Barred Owl's don't "migrate" like Saw-Whets, they are probably dispersing from the same regions in search of prey. The fact that we're seeing them along roads so often this year may just be because the interior is full too!

Last week i saw a Barred Owl sitting on a speed limit sign on Harbor Rd in Shelburne!

Other thoughts??

Sean Beckett

"BUTLER, Bridget" <[log in to unmask]> wrote: Greetings Everyone!

LOTS of BARRED OWL sightings it seems recently. We had our CBC on Friday and I think about 50% of our teams reported owls. One group had three! And these aren't owling teams...just the day-trippers!

Hmmmm, not enough prey in the interior that they're getting pushed out onto the edges??? Thoughts anyone??


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