A quick read of this article suggests that looking at Embase/EMCARE (Mosby's Nursing Index) comparisons with Web of Science might give one a good idea about coverage, especially for biomedical titles.  (EMCARE picks up many titles from MEDLINE not in Embase).  However, neither offers subject indexing or other indexing that requires indexing judgment  (publication types; check tags).

One question remains:  how do hospital librarians justify licensing Scopus or Web of Science?  If Magnet hospitals are supposed to conduct research, do they need a citation database, or are the cited references in CINAHL and times cited in PubMed Central enough?  (hope I have latter right).  I'm updating a CE courses for Las Vegas meeting where I need to know...

Thanks - Peg
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Here is one perspective:


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Dear Colleagues,


I thought I had seen a comparison of the journal coverage breadth and
depth of Scopus and Web of Science/Knowledge.  


Do any of you know where I might find one? Whatever guidance or
assistance you may be able to offer will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,





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